vagrancing: (I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS)

I don't want to jump in unless this music's thumpin'

When I kiss your lips I want to sink down to the bottom of the sea

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This is an in-joke you will never understand.

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aliens/maru/ptm, avatar: the last airbender, baccano!, badfic, basara, being a lesbian trap, being relentlessly awesome, berserk, bitches love mancing, bleach, briar you sexy scamp, buddy holly, circle of magic, claymore, cooking, david bowie, definitely not greyhound, definitely not peacocks, double k, eyeshield 21, fairy tail, fake sharks, fsts, garrett makes everything lag, garrett's fairy dance, gintama, go sailor, goddamn fictional jailbait, hades/skeletor, hajime no ippo, he-man, hideous crack, hideousity, hinabn, hr/rdj otp, joan jett, karneval, katekyo hitman reborn, labyrinth, led zeppelin, looking for group, misadventures, mixtapes, music, music everywhere, my heavenly hockey club, naked tuesdays, new zealand, nextwave, not really metallica, oglaf, ok go, otomen, picking on garrett, pointless hideousness, pointless interests, powdered toast man, questionable content, reading, real zombies, records pwn boyfriends, red vs blue, sengoku basara, sexy sexy fail, shiny things, shoving garrett off cliffs, sparkly shoujo, spoilers: you're gay, sslyby, story from north america, strobe edge, superhero alter-egos, tamora pierce, tank girl, team motherfucking yes, tengen toppa gurren lagann, terrible 80s movies, the all blacks, the black keys, the black seeds, the datsuns, the epsilons, the pixies, the white stripes, too much animu, too much manga, travelling, trigun, underwear dance parties, unintentional cougarism, vinland saga, wolf guy, writing, y the last man, yankee-kun to megane-chan

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